Thursday, December 23, 2010

ok its time to go shewding!!

ok i am weady... i got my shewd..
you going shewding too..right?

you gonna go cause i am using my pwetty pwease face!! so can we go now?!


um anutie mandi ... yes jack... what does energy constipation mean...(the tv is going in the back ground)... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love this kid!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have had an epiphany!!

Its been awhile and I am so sorry!!

I know my vast and numerous throng of blog followers are probally super sad that I have not been keping up on this page. So I decided to come back and give it another try...
(So here you go you 3 people who read this!!)

I have had an epiphany!! I love that word epiphany!!

It kinda caught me off gard this sudden inspriration about myself. But I do believe it will help me in the future.

Here it is... I seem to almost always get my answers to prayers in a very specific way.

Now this fact may have occured to other people already. I am sure most people found out way before turning...(you thought i was gonna post my age here huh?) into an adult that they hear or feel answers in one way better than another and are than more intune to listen when those answers come.

I am a little slower I guess cause it has taken me a lot longer to figure it out than I should have. Mabe I have know on some basic level...

You may feel that "warm fuzzy"... I get that, not often but I can say I have felt the warmth.

Or a Whisper... that too sometimes the Lord speaks softly to me when he may know that I will listen.

Burning... my heart has ached once or twice like it was on fire.

Even Thoughts or Impressions... for me more often than not I get the stupor of thought.

But here is where the whole epiphany thing comes that word epiphany

MY ANSWERS, the ones where it just stops me in my tracks and I know it is a message or an answer to prayers... the knock me off my feet and I learn the biggest lessons have my most meaningful answers come in the form of HUMOR.

This may sound stupid even sacreligious but it is so true for me.

It is not the warm fuzzy the burning the thought or whisper or lack of any of those things that stick with me the most.
My answers come best when the lord makes me laugh.

With that being said I am gonna start posting funny funny funny things that happen to me here and there and show you how they have become the best things for me.

This last week I had a Bladder apt. I have been in a lot of pain. Pain that I cant control for me is pretty intense and so this last week I have been cranky. To the point that I have not wanted to be around people for fear of hurting someone or hurting someones feelings.
It was not good I yelled at people on the phone for work. I was short with my friends and family. or I was holed up in my bed not wanting to see anyone. I was getting to the point where i was kinda worried that I was depressed. Than to top it all off I have a SOFTBALL size cyst drained. Needless to say my mood wasnt going to be getting anybetter anytime soon.
Coming home from this doctors apt. after checking to see that the procedure the week before was healing I have had a cath. which is painful and I am driving home and hit traffic. So I am PISSED... and decide that enough is enough and I need some "heavenly help" to change my mood cause there is no way I can do it on my own... I say a quick prayer.

Please Please Please Heavenly Father just help me to be better I need an adittude adjustment please dont be too hard on me if I swear coming home the traffic is more than I can handle right now. I want to be happier if you can help me with that it would be a good thing. I will try to be better...

And than I notice this...
And I just start busting up... What perfect timing and what a perfect Heavenly Father.
My Prayer ends with Thank you Thank you Thank you. I know this is your way of telling me I need to be happy. I need to be in a better mood even if my as is not so meri. I will try to be happier even if my meri as* isnt so much right now...
So I guess that is it.
I hope it made you laugh or at least a little bit more "Meri"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love love love this video and just found it again... a visit with grahms family and little dane just really starting to talk.

We watched the new ice age movie and dane picked up on this phrase... gotta listen to it a couple of time to get it can anyone guess what he is saying?

sorry its upside down new phone and i was just figuring it out!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

well it has been a week....

here it is another fun story with pictures.
I do have to say these ones are really pretty so if you have weak stomachs don't even bother...
Friday night I was having some pain, the weird thing was on top of the pain I usually get in my stomach and bladder I had a killer headache seriously I was thinking I was having the beginnings of a migraine.
I was not so happy with this but whatever I got my rice rag out heated it up and was preparing for a long night of pain killers and cheesy movies... no worries.
After calling a friend to help me go get Grammies from the airport cause I couldn't drive while on meds... I knew I needed to sleep or pass out the pain in my head was getting worse.
I had grammie feel my jaw i thought it was puffy and my eyes were hurting too
so I looked in my mouth no pain on my teeth but like I said it was a little puffy.... nothing

Maybe two hours later one small purple dot on my gum line but nothing that was too big of a deal. still thinking i am OK.... I will go to bed and see a doctor tomorrow i do have a slight fever...

When i woke up 3 hours later in pain the nasty little surprise above is rearing its ugly head. Its like 4 am and i am really worried!! Dang it i gotta go to a dentist.... good luck with that on a Friday in Boise....

about an hour later about 5 am not even the left over pain killers i have for my bladder surgery is touching the pain and it has swelled to golf ball size i am shocked that it hasn't burst and that my gums are holding up my cheek is swollen and yellow you can see the golf ball in this picture i kid you not the abscess in my mouth golf ball size (sorry its way gross but i am freaking out!! and thinking seriously SERIOUSLY this is happening to me?!?!?!!!)
At 9 Uncle Rob is calling his friend and neighbor who is a dentist i have called Kim's friend who is a dentist and Ellen and Scott Taylor who have a dental office too by 11 I am calling Ashley to see how bad this is and what in the world i can do if i cant get in to see a dentist cause every office i know is closed on Fridays .... what i am really wanting to say is i cant take this pain anymore Ive got Grammies drill is that a bad idea to just pop this sucker myself and than make my way into the er?

Uncles friend pulls through at the last sec and will see me at 2 30. When i go in he asks why i am in and because i am not crying probably doesn't really realize that it is as bad as it was cause when i pull my lip down to show him both he and the dental hygienist both gasp and get stuff out of drawers right away. I had to swear over and over again that this hasn't been festering for months in fact it happened literally overnight. Even worse that the abscess "popped up" within about an hour of what i knew was going on. I still don't think he believed me though.

The dentist who was amazing by the way!! He did an ex ray and told me flat out that the tooth needed to go just by the sheer size of the abscess he said he felt he needed to take the tooth but that he could see there were many fractures on the tooth... he asked me if i had any head trauma that would explain tooth fractures i had to laugh.... and the whole dumpster story came out...
which had him going cause i guess Shay and Shelby hid in his garbage cans one day trying to scare his kids so he thinks our family must have some weird thing with trash cans .... hehehe anyway out came the tooth... and you were right Ashley with that much infection the Novocaine really does nothing to numb the area.... i didn't much care how ever cause i knew the sec that the it came out there would be relief and boy was there!!!

(actually when he stuck me with the needle the first time the abscess burst and they had to stop for a few to suction out all the gross.... and than again when they finally got the tooth out, ((the dentist said i have great roots!! ) there was a second pocket of gross... but man oh man i have not felt sooooooo much pain and i have had my fair share.... and sooooooo much relief as when that tooth was gone!!! )
So that is my latest news, if its not one end with me it is another!!